sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

version 1.1 released!

I started studying python and I tought it would be fun to port (sort of) the PSPEWCServer to Unix. Turns out it really was! I also have made some tiny changes in the client. I hope you enjoy!


01/01/2011 - v.1.1 (Client + Unix v.0.1 Python Server)

- New server! I wrote a server in python to run under Unix systems! It uses the python Xlib, which is included. The new files are under the PC/unix/ folder. The server listens for intructions in two modes:
Keypad #1 will send regular keyboard inputs;
Keypad #2 will send mouse events. The analog stick controls the pointer
position and the R and L-Trigger send the right and left mouse button presses.
Holding Select while in Keypad #2 will increase the speed of the pointer.

- The way to input the server's IP on the PSP has changed. It's a little smarter now.
- Now Start + Select will change the mode, not just Select. This way you can use Select as a button too.