quinta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2011

version 1.2 released!

Shang Tsung about to hit me in the face (@Debian, snes9x-gtk, pyPSPEWCServer.py


Python server

29/09/2011 - v.1.2 (Client + Unix Server + Windows Server)

- The PSP source was completely rewritten.
- Small changes in python server, which now behaves as expected when simulating mouse clicks.
- Small changes in windows server, because some users were experiencing 'invalid string' error.
- All sources are now included! All of the files written by myself are under public domain.

link: 4shared download

sábado, 30 de abril de 2011

version 1.1 released!

I started studying python and I tought it would be fun to port (sort of) the PSPEWCServer to Unix. Turns out it really was! I also have made some tiny changes in the client. I hope you enjoy!


01/01/2011 - v.1.1 (Client + Unix v.0.1 Python Server)

- New server! I wrote a server in python to run under Unix systems! It uses the python Xlib, which is included. The new files are under the PC/unix/ folder. The server listens for intructions in two modes:
Keypad #1 will send regular keyboard inputs;
Keypad #2 will send mouse events. The analog stick controls the pointer
position and the R and L-Trigger send the right and left mouse button presses.
Holding Select while in Keypad #2 will increase the speed of the pointer.

- The way to input the server's IP on the PSP has changed. It's a little smarter now.
- Now Start + Select will change the mode, not just Select. This way you can use Select as a button too.



domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

version 1.0 released!

It's been a while since the last release. Truth is, I was a little unmotivated to keep this project. I am really not a professional programmer or anything close to that, so it's been a learning more than anything. BUT, two days ago, I occasionally typed "PSP Easy Wireless Controller" on google and I liked the results very much. So I decided to make some major updates. For those who did not notice, everything is now in English. Or at least are meant to be, hahaha. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos.


16/01/2011 - v.1.0 Final (Client + Server)

- Everything was translated to English;
- User interface was completely rewritten (it's almost decent. Also it is in English now);
- Added support for 2 PSPs;
- Added controls for VLC Media Player (play, pause, stop, fullscreen, volume up/down, back 10s, forward 10s) - Important: Num Lock must be turned ON!;
- Added controls for Winamp (play, pause, stop, previous song, next song, volume up/down);
- There isn't a menu entry for some IP ranges anymore. The first digits of the server's IP are already set, given that they are the same as the PSP's IP;
- Several fixes/optimizations on both client/server code;
- PLEASE report bugs/weird behaviors!

I also added notes for devolopers who would like to use PSP controls in their C/C++/Java/PHP/etc apps. The (bad) way it is coded allows apps to simple receive the pressed buttons in a 'cross-language' way.

1) New user interface

2) VLC controls

- X: play/pause;
- O: stop;
- Triangle: show progress;
- Square: fullscreen On/Off;
- L: go 10 seconds in the past;
- R: go 10 seconds in the future;
- UP: vol up;
- DOWN: vol down;

3) Winamp controls

- X: play;
- O: pause/unpause;
- Triangle: stop;
- L: previous;
- R: next;
- UP: vol up;
- DOWN: vol down;

Bottom line, I hope you guys can have near as much fun with it as I have when I'm playing sunset riders using my PSP. Anyone up for a snes9x netplay? hahahaha