quinta-feira, 29 de setembro de 2011

version 1.2 released!

Shang Tsung about to hit me in the face (@Debian, snes9x-gtk, pyPSPEWCServer.py


Python server

29/09/2011 - v.1.2 (Client + Unix Server + Windows Server)

- The PSP source was completely rewritten.
- Small changes in python server, which now behaves as expected when simulating mouse clicks.
- Small changes in windows server, because some users were experiencing 'invalid string' error.
- All sources are now included! All of the files written by myself are under public domain.

link: 4shared download

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  1. Gave it a run on my PSP3000 (CFW 6.35 PRO-B5) and had no problems so far with Protocol #1 and #4.

    Then i looked into your source code for windows, looks like you have prepared space for MPC but no codes inside.
    Since I don't use VLC maybe i can tweak it a little to fit MPC xD

    And oh, thanks for the writing the software and providing the codes!
    (The same exact message was posted at the pspslimhacks forum. I noticed the topic was few months old so i thought its dead)

  2. Hi there Sonicz. I'm glad it was useful for you. Actually, it's been a while since I don't work with the windows server.
    Basicaly, there are two ways of sending a command to an windows application: One of them is to find the event code of that particular event and just inject it with the SendMessage(), and the other is to emulate the keyboard shortcuts, let's say 'ctrl+p' is the shortcut for 'play', then you need to 'press' that buttons using also the WinAPI.

  3. it helps me a lot. Thanks very much!
    it will be better if there are possibility to custom keys.

    BTW, what do you use for psp development?

  4. Tevin, thanks for the feedback. I used to compile the toolchain on my own, using something like this tutorial: http://reizencroft.wordpress.com/psp-homebrew-dev/compiling-pspsdk-toolchain-on-ubuntu/. But for the last times I've used the http://sourceforge.net/projects/minpspw/, which is pretty quick and easy to install.

  5. r4pha, How to compile the windows version of server?
    There are just some .h and .cpp files in the "src" folder

    P.S. Do you use anything like github or google code?

  6. Very Nice!
    Now I can use my left hand to control the PC while the right is busy with other things...

  7. Maninho parabéns pelo programa, vc é fera ;D. Um abraço...