domingo, 25 de março de 2012

Now on github!

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  1. Dude...seriously...I love you! you make having a modded PSP THAT much better man! you may not be the best programmer and all but made one awesome frikin homebrew app! and I was even more joyed to find out you had a blog with updated versions of your awesome program!!! so cool! that I got that out of the way...I have to admit that your v1.0 server was a bit faulty (not that I blame you, I still respect your skillz ^_-) it cycled my CPU quite a bit for some reason (not a programmer myself...rather, a cracker...figuratively and literally lol xD) could only play an hour or so of N64, SNES, or GBA before my aged laptop (09') heated up to the point of wanting to explode! haha...that being said, I am hopeful that your new releases server (python is an excellent language I must say) is a slight bit more stable ^_^ now if you will excuse me...I have some old skool video games to copy to my drive and play some more since I re-found your AWESOME program :P you rock dude!